Customer’s confidence is the most important thing!

February 9th, 2012Posted by stanley

You must probably know how to determine the quality of the site and what, in fact, differs a good site from an ugly copy? First, make sure that the site is trusted. Trust not only as somebody had told you, but the trust of many users, both men and women, and this vicious circle of [...]

Who said “scam”???

February 3rd, 2012Posted by stanley

Nowadays, many people cease to be sensible, turning into a cold-blooded, vicious and cruel scams. They are rather like in real life and on the Internet. In the latter there are especially a lot of them at all, because they do not have much to risk, and also got more opportunities. And they are ready to cash in [...]

Scam on It’s not possible!

January 30th, 2012Posted by stanley

Every site has its own main goal. Some of them are openhearted and some are fake. Main goal of the is to help people find each other in the vast expanses of the Internet, and that’s the most honest goal the site could ever have. To help in this occasion means the real support of the customer. When [...]